Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Business at present has more option and choice then before when it involves Search Engine Optimization for business. Before landing onto the services of SEO it is important to know what is SEO is all about.

Business at present has more option and choice then before when it involves Search Engine Optimization for business. Before landing onto the services of SEO it is important to know what is SEO is all about.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website in search engine through organic traffic.  If you are aware, Google has a crawler that takes initiation to gather the required information about the content on Internet. The crawler brings back 0s and 1s to the search engine to form an index. Algorithm tries to match the data for the requested query.



  • Websites Audit: SEO keeps the website engine running. SEO gives direction to your website whereas an SEO website audit is formed with a view to identify errors and remove the errors from the website. SEO audit offers comprehensive website analysis which provides insight to the current on page and off page SEO strategies. This is done to improve SEO performance. It allows to identify current SEO weakness, analyze competitor’s strength and stabilize SEO strategy.


  • Custom made SEO service: I offer custom made SEO strategies which create a greater online presence to achieve high ranking. Depending on the requirements of each client’s I offer custom made SEO service strategy which covers marketing needs driving traffic to your designated website. My process involves;


  1. Strategy Agreement
  2. Implementation
  3. Full Reporting
  4. Analytics Review
  5. Client Review and Site Analysis


  • Competitor Analysis:

It checks the ranking, traffic and SEO techniques implemented by the competitors. Then I make sure to reverse the used strategy in my client website. Competitor analysis involves loads of techniques like backlink anchor text patterns, content, micro data, metadata and URL structure.


  • Content Marketing Services:

Content marketing involves direct conversation with the customers. It is a strategy to demonstrate your services and product directly to the customers. A good content is used to increase brand awareness, it brings back referral traffic to your main site and even encourage users to sign up for newsletter. Content Marketing services allows you to profile your audience and execute content strategies to reach the top-notch audience.


  • Google Penalty Recovery:

It identifies area where a site fails to meet with Google compliance causing the website rank to drop. I help the organization to quickly identify the areas with a proper development roadmap to fix the penalty causing issues.


  • Keyword Research:

Relevant keyword phrase is to be included in a content. Relevant means most searched keywords. I capture all the potential keywords, filter them and lay down for the targeted audience to receive higher return. I involve following techniques for the keyword research process;

  1. Competitor keyword research
  2. Target audience demography
  3. Relevance filters
  4. Long mostly used key words
  5. User location
  6. Address and upgrade weaker content
  7. Ensure relevant content
  8. Match user requirement with key word


  • Back link building service:

Back link from another website helps to boost up the confidence of your website.  It generates a positive vote to uplift your website. Link building is a part of marketing campaign as these links increases the site traffic along with company profile. My strategies involve;

  1. Link Acquisition
  2. Link research and recognition
  3. Competitor link analysis
  4. Concluding objective


  • On-site and Off-site optimization:

A great relevancy for desire key word is a must for the website to be ranked on the top position of any search engine.  Website Developer Nepal offers an onsite and off-site optimization service to improvise key term relevancy in the search engines. For this I personally develop quality content which are unique and informative in nature by feeding in most usable and searched keywords.


  • Google My Business:

It ensures the business listing are well optimized so that the business location during the map listing rises above the organic search result or under top ten search result.


  • Social Media Marketing:

We represent your business to a correct group of audience via several social media using content and lead generation, marketing and ads.


  • Pay per click Service:

A full set of service with Google AdWords to run campaigns and re-marketing.  I offer full transparency and ownership to the clients, Monthly reporting, Dedicated Account Manager and many more.


For the required SEO service, kindly contact me at . I offer economical packages for the SEO services suiting your budget.

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