Responsive Web design and It’s Importance.

Responsive Web design and It’s Importance.

Responsive Web design and It’s Importance.
Posted In: July 14, 2017

Responsive Web design and It’s Importance.

A website that is responsive can adapt any screen sizes, which is being used on. The website itself gives user a better experience that fits to their device.

Day by day many web users are transferring from desktop/PC to mobile or smart phones, which directly affect website owner and business. People have started loving to use smartphones and browse web through a convenient device  rather than desktop/PC, which is why responsive website is a must now a days.

Search Engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo, are actively updating their algorithm and preference, while the latest recommendation is to have a responsive web design. Search engines now use and rank user and mobile friendly websites as a website ranking signal in the search results. Search engines give more authority to responsive website rather than non-responsive website.

Responsive website content and pages are automatically flexible with any screen sizes and devices, it doesn’t matter which device you are using. Navigation, scrolling and resizing are very easy with responsive design.
A responsive design can be beneficial for user experience, whether people use desktop or smartphones or tablet.
Here are some of the main benefits of responsive web design:

  • Higher Ranks in Google (SEO)
  • Increased Sales and Revenue
  • Great User Experience
  • Save time using Google Analytics
  • Save money on mobile development
  • Staying ahead of competition
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